Saturday, August 11, 2012


Warning: If you like OpenRSi don't flash OpenAZbox. A child game made it impossible to go from Openazbox 2 OpenRSI and it may kill your receiver.

People who are responsible for this child game : Shame on you! Don't play with consumers stuff!



  1. Thanks for your warning, but unfortunately this is not a news for me..
    Telesat is well known by his childish way of dealing with anyone who knows much more than him.

    RTi was also always well known for it's childish, as you can't put any comment that they don't like. All they accept is compliment, no bug reports allowed, no grown people allowed.

    And since the new website started, RTi was even more full of childish behavior. They simply deleted the old website, with no warning for the users. And then they received all the old and experienced users as noobs in the "new" website. Just see how they treat "zeini", "O_o", "hfmls", "Smudger" and all the others well known as experienced users.
    And dvlajkovic was aways ignorant as anyone else regarding the development, but since he received the "red status" in his name, he becomes the greater klootzak in the world, mistreating anyone who enter in "his" forum.

    That's sayd, I confirm: unfortunately your warning is not any news for me.

  2. I have explicitly asked them, if they have contacted OpenRSi about some Kernel: field in the image.

    Traveler claims that OpenRSi did this on purpose.
    I also remembered him of an earlier action by Telesat and the fact that Telesat is bashing people on other fora.

    However, I have not yet received one simple and acceptable answer to my questions, as whether they did contact OpenRSi or if it is true that they told OpenRSi that the Kernel: field was NOT mandatory.

    If that is the case, one can conclude that the OpenAZBox Team is trying to bring down the good name of OpenRSi.

    The only thing Traveler has done, is saying he is done discussing and he has closed my topic.

    I've made my mind up. This is not a childish game by OpenRSi, but by OpenAZBox.

    This is not their first effort to bring someone down.
    We have seen this kind of action with AZUP versus JAZUP.

  3. There is only one solution: if you wanna test new releases from "RTi" , just wait 2 or 3 days. Bugs are known after a few days. I can't believe how they are playing with our stuff, shame!!!!

  4. Again RTI shows that they suck there own dicks. They are not interested in sharing information. They only want to show that they are the one and only.

    OpenRSI runs for months without problems, and then there is a new version of AZUP with an release info saying be warned.

    And then the boxes are being killed?

    I think that they are annoyd that OpenRSI is so popular.
    What i dont understand, because without RTI, OpenRSI wont work.

  5. I understand the frustration, but please mind your words ;-)

  6. Lange,

    sorry to know that your receiver is now killed.
    I know that you is one of the experienced users that was underestimated by that shit group.
    Hope you can manage to bring it back alive.

    I think that at this point, everyone already knows that is RTi who is killing AzBox over and over.

    Just think the following: Images can't write anything in your system. The loader can. If anything goes wrong, blame it on loader.
    Well, what is the loader for our boxes? Who developed it?
    Now you know who to blame.

    But I don't believe that there is any trap hidden inside AzUp: It's simply really, realy, bad developed.
    It's a case of Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    The only malice that exists in RTi members is that they always try to blame others instead of fix his own mistakes.

    Unfortunately, while we still using this boxes, we just have to accept: Our boxes are in the hand of a bunch of stupid people.

    If there's a warning we should remember in this post is to take a lot of care while using anything with the signature of Telesat / Traveler/MickeySa. dvlajkovic doesn't counts because he is just a kid with some "power" inside it's tiny world (that forum). Out of there he is just a bunch of crap.

    In the end, azboxnews warnings was useful, so we could discuss and clear this.