Thursday, June 27, 2013

v1.50 firmware for AzBox miniMe American edition

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AzBox Canada is proud to release the long awaited version 1.50 firmware for the miniMe American Edition. It includes the following enhancements: 

  • Customized tuner driver for improved blindscan performance
  • * Added user configurable step size with a default of 5000 (Past versions used 20700!)
  • * Added user configurable minimum symbol rate with a default of 1000
  • * Fixed bug where last used blind scan polarity was not saving correctly
  • Improved performance when locking low symbol rate transponders by tweaking tuner driver code.
  • Added dropdown menu in antenna setup to more easily select various standard and universal LNB frequency configurations
  • Added 22khz on/off in LNB settings
  • Implemented display window of currently tuned channel when browsing channels list.
  • Tweaked media player engine parameters for better performance and reliability.
  • Implemented YouTube player
  • Addded ability to delete channels from channel list.
  • Fixed yellow button to enable selecting a satellite when viewing a channel.
  • Added WION and updated SatelliteGuys Radio URL and updated a few other stations in online radio player.
  • Added framework for future IPTV services
  • Added LUA support for plugins
  • Updated satellite list and transponders.

  • Various bugfixes and performance enhancements. 

  • Download and info. 

    Sunday, June 23, 2013

    OpenATV goes AZbox ( with HBBTV ) - All boxes

    Big thumbs up for the Fundraising in Germany for AZbox. A new team is going to develope for all AZbox. There even screenshots with HbbTV .

    They are still looking for Funds and equipment. Want to help? Look here.

    More screenshots after the "Read More".

    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    [E2BMC] New movies E2BMC

    New Youtube movies of the new coming E2BMC Linux receiver with XBMC appeared on Youtube.

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    PrismCube XBMC has launched

    PrismCube ( Marusys ) has won the race from E2BMC and is the first XMBC settop box. The price is around 429 Euro, seen at the first web-shops ( for example Astrasat NL, Europe ) Edit 13-06: rumours says the receiver is deliverable over 1 month. In Germany this machine is priced 290 ) . If someone want to send us a sample, just mail ;P

    We quote PrismCube:

    PRISMCUBE is truly the world first set top box that integrates both DVB-S2 Twin PVR and Media player seamlessly, using XBMC.
    PRISMCUBE is a DVB-S2 twin-tuner set top box with a very compact and slim design. With the solid and cutting-edge technology that MARUSYS has mastered over the last decades in embedded Linux systems, it is designed to be a highly advanced HD Twin PVR. PRISMCUBE is a media player based on XBMC which is free and open source.
    XBMC is generally using for media center or entertainment hub with digital media, and is supported by various groups of independent volunteers from all over the world. PRISMCUBE provides the rich entertainment choices and the tremendous experience watching TV moments more joyfully with this versatile platform. 
    Image info from VU Plus Community:
    The Prismcube firmware is based on Linux Openembedded + Xbmc + Marusys software that integrated itself in Xbmc
    The skin is the native Xbmc skin with the addition of all the Pvr windows. So we can tell that is a Xbmc-native-extended-skin
    And yes, there will be a Black Hole image for Prismcube
    Some movies, background and specs after read more:

    And 6 months and still counting ....

    Remember it's 2013? Communication boys .... 6 Months for a new website , we hope it will be good ...


    Nowadays ....

    Free tip: Communication means you take as a brand the consumers seriously

    Sunday, June 09, 2013

    New OpenSPA firmware: OpenSPA 2.02 Beta

    OpenSPA has released new firmware: OpenSPA 2.02 Beta

    • Added NTPSync (Sincronyze time with Internet)
    • Added patch for VFD Display (AZBox HD)
    • Added Script for Extended DOM's (AZBox HD)
    • Update MyTube with news improvements ( Thanks Garri )
    • Update TVWeb to v1.0.7
    • Kernel & drivers 14.05.2013 (Me & miniMe hybrid drivers)
    • AZFrontPanel some fixes
    • MediaCenter:
      - Added support with MRUA libraries.
      - Support DVDPlayer.
      - Renew module audio (Audioplayer).
      - some fixes.
    • spzMenu:
      - Added new module PluginsManager (Activate/Deactivate plugins)
      - Varias correcciones.
    • Other small fixes.
    *update 11-6-2-13 : new links*

    Download Links:

    AZBox HD: (55.5 MB)
    AZBox Me (Webif): openspa-2.02-azboxme-20130608_webif.tar (63.5 MB)
    AZBox miniMe (USB): (65.4 MB)

    AZUp 2.2.7:  AZUp 2.2.7


    Wednesday, June 05, 2013

    Quick first look E2BMC


    This week also present on Angacom (Exhibition and Congress for Broadband, Cable and Satellite).

    Kernel 3.9.2 is coming

    There a still some devs working for us, the AZbox owners. 

    According to the ripper (azbox legend) kernel 3.9.2 is coming :

    -fix pixelization on high bandwith h264 streams >10Mbps
    -fix driver crashing when exiting pvr mode on EOF signal.
    -fix decoding one h264 feed (hiccup video) (some feeds he is watching was making problem)
    -removed locking from vtuner write kernel function, not needed anymore

    When the kernel is getting released is unknown. But we think it will be a great moment for releasing with the kernel a statement from the new owners and the mysterious developers of the kernels wich aren't open source and nowhere to find. 

    They owe it to the people who bought and own an azbox.