Saturday, February 16, 2013

AZbox over? Where are the owners?

Where is Opensat? Does AZbox still exists or is it over now? Who can tell?

Reaction on our blog:
Let me tell you that Opensat/DTinnovations will not clear up anything anymore, since there is no contact at Opensat anymore.
Opensat/DTinnovations has no commercial activities anymore. There is no sales representative or department that takes care of resellers.
I know this, because I got this information first hand.
I know that this way of communicating is nothing new, for Opensat laks communication-skills, which is proven in the past.
Don't get your hopes up high.Portugal will only handle RMA/repairs. The rest is history.
Rick Caylor's forum:

The new AZ Box owners recently told me that they do not have any inventory, but have plans to produce the AZ Box Me and the Mini Me in the future.
I was also told that Opensat and DTInnovations, no longer have anything to do with the AZ Box brand name. 
 Also Rick Caylor's forum:

I cannot talk to anyone at Opensat any more.  I have tried several times, but since they no longer have any thing to do with the brand name, the only communication that I have had, has been with my main sales rep that left Opensat and went to work for DTInnovations and now they have also left that company.
Now I have been told that neither Opensat or DTInnovations has anything to do with the AZ Box brand name by that same person.
When Opensat was in charge of the labeling and selling the the AZ Box products, they did have at least 2 different receiver tops.  As I have sold both of them and I purchased them from Opensat, but payments were always sent to DTInnovations.


  1. I think that nothing change in OpenSat. The owners are the same and they want to clean AZbox name to the new receivers

  2. what do you mean with over? did it started someday?
    on hd series software never reached v1.0, the me series never delivered what was promissed.
    aztrino is a joke, rti is a shit and android is a lie.
    the brand is cursed because of piracy.
    go to the next level and forget azbox