Saturday, February 16, 2013

AZbox Premium HD Plus Clone Information Part II

And the clone soap continues .... Quote from worldwidesatellites ( source )
As many people are aware, popular free to air receivers often get cloned or counterfeit replicas made in China. AZbox clones have been on the market for over a year and certain vendors are taking advantage of this by misleading customers into buying from their company. Some customers fall for this dishonest scheme and others do their own homework before purchasing.

Let’s start off by saying there’s only one AZbox website which is Beware of websites with similar domain names and misrepresenting their site as AZbox. Currently there is only one distributor of AZbox in North America; they are located in the USA

Some untrustworthy vendor is posting false comparisons by taking photos from their current stock and saying anything different is a clone. Like Most electronics, models may have different revisions for minor cosmetic or hardware changes. Original AZbox Premium HD Plus had some changes prior to 2012 such as vents and power supply etc. AZbox North American Distributor posted about this on his website

This scam company provides a list of ALL Canadian websites who are carrying AZbox products which isn’t buying from him and accusing them to be clone sellers. His definition of clone seller is “buy from me or else you’re a clone seller!!! “ This poser pretends to be the distributor of AZbox since his domain is similar to

Buyers Beware:
Buying from a site with a similar name to azbox (domain registered less than 3 years), listing only 1 or 2 so called authorized dealers yet naming 5+ vendors who combine been in business over 30 years sounds very suspicious. Not to mention posting on the forums the AZbox North American Distributor boxes are clones just adds insult to injury. Customers do your research before buying from any company is our best advice. WorldWideSatellites has been in business for 10 years and our reputation is important to us, we would never mislead you to make a quick sale like some companies in Canada.


  1. I find it curious that DTinnovation has not issued one single statement regarding this clone-selling.
    Their facebook-page doesn't mention it and their website is offline for quite some time now. Nor do they reply to e-mails.

    Who's to tell what are clones and what aren't. I think DTinnovation is.

  2. New Azbox receiver with Android

  3. I hope that everyone realizes that the statement made by worldwidesatellites that Rick Caylor is the AzBox distributor for North America is a lie. We at AzBox Canada have been working with OpenSat Lda. since 2010 as the sole official distributor of AzBox products in the Canadian market. Rick Caylor is the distributor for USA only and NOT for the entire North American continent!

    Although is currently under construction as it is being redesigned, proof of this can still be viewed in archived copies of the website from which is a non-biased source archiving websites around the world. snapshot from August 2011 snapshot from February 2012 snapshot from October 2012

    In addition to being a distributor, AzBox Canada is also involved with software development in order to adapt these receivers to the unique requirements of the North American market. Our first involvement in AzBox software development with OpenSat started with the 0.9.5308 firmware version where we were responsible in creating a brand new default satellite list separated by C and Ku-band in order to accommodate the C & Ku dual band systems commonly used here in North America.

    We then continued our involvement by creating our own special North American edition firmware such as the 0.9.54xx version series for Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus and AZtrino North American edition for the AzBox Me. In addition, we released our own version of the newest AzBox model, the AzBox miniMe American Edition which features exclusive firmware and features adapted to the North American market.

    Best regards,

    AzBox Canada

  4. >> We at AzBox Canada have been working with OpenSat Lda. since 2010 as the sole official distributor of AzBox products in the Canadian market.

    For what it's worth ...
    We had a similar example in Europe. Having a sole official distributor, but Opensat still sold to dealers directly.

    Examples are on various forums.