Thursday, August 16, 2012 under DDOS Attack/ Update

There is one thing we hate: internet terror. DDOS attacks are not done!

The Open AZBox MOD Forums have sustained a DDOS attack of 1Gbps.
As all of you are aware, we are living in the World populated with some people who dislike our work and progress we make on the Azbox frontline.
Unfortunatelly, things like this happen becuse of those few evil ones.
We are sorry for the issues that might have caused our services being rendered as unavailable.

The Team has worked day and nite to get the Forums back on track.
Many things have been restored, but the latest date of backup was August 5th 2012, so all the posts made after that date till the DDOS attack were lost.
We'd like you to know that it was out priority to have it back as much as we could, but obviously, a certain price had to be paid anyway.

Hoping for your understanding and support in the future,
the Open AZBox MOD Team

Update: Read the first reaction below. Something 2 think about ....


  1. Dudes,

    1: a ddos does not kill your files or database, it only cripples the webserver or network. When the ddos is gone, all is running well.

    2: a ddos also does not kill your dns server


    ** server can't find NXDOMAIN

    3: ok, say you have a ddos, and your provider is pissed off and you need to leave. Then still it is not handy of the provider to not give you the latest data.

    I think something is smelly here :) Or someone really fucked it up, and tries to hide it :)

    Nr 1 excuse of the world: Really teacher, hackers destroyd my homework ...

    Please :)

  2. Looks like there is internal fight inside Enigma team(s). For sure it is only bad news for Azbox users, especially considering that Enigma support of old Azboxes was probably the weakest among all Linux-based receivers. Shame on them!

  3. yah, this receiver is so perfect, must be it's competitors trying to protect themselfs...