Friday, August 17, 2012

OpenRSi gets where AZBOX is coming from!

Check their new website and you will understand the title of this blog....Build by users .... Inspired by Users!!

It's not a secret we are a big FAN of OpenRSI

If you are visiting them, try their new downloads. Here you can find the latest Firmware with 3.* kernel  (latest).


Dear Friends,

 Today we bring the initial release of the new openrsi images.
 Please be aware that there might be things not working . But we will use online update like in the releases based on kernel 2.6.

 From now on we include kernels with all our images.

 For azboxHD users please use azup 2.2.6!

 You can find the images at enjoy!

 Kind Regards,

 OpenRSI Team

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