Wednesday, August 08, 2012

OpenAZBox PLi MOD MiniMe Prerelease 3

This time a really cheap copy-paste from :

OpenAZBox PLi MOD MiniMe image is fully based on OpenPLi 2.1 Enigma 2

Prerelease 3

Kernel: Linux azboxminime 3.3.1
Enigma 2: 8. august 2012.
Drivers: Sun July 1 14:22:38 CEST 2012


What is new (Bugfix list):
 ScanSetup: Fix forgotten declaration of postScanService master 
 Behavior when a movie reaches the end can be configurab... 
 Navigation: Make true selected reference default 
 InfoBarGenerics: Use new getCurrentlyPlayingServiceRefe... 
ScanSetup: Use new getCurrentlyPlayingServiceReference... 
 Navigation: Add option to getCurrentlyPlayingServiceRef... 
 ServiceScan: Fix strange behaviour when scan from playi... 
 ServiceScan: Derive infobar from session and fix a... 
 New language files for the rename to 'receiver' and... 
 change 'satellite receiver' to receiver' 
 Make code general by renaming references to dreambox 
 ScanSetup: ALso play postScanService with recursive... 
 ServiceScan: Add to history when zapped to fresh scanne... 
 ServiceScan: Play service later as tuner was still... 
 ServiceScan: Also stop playing PIP before scanning 
 ServiceScan: If services are found go to 'Last Scanned' 
 InfobarGenerics: Fix swapPIP when channels are in diffe... 
 frontend: work around missing DTV_ENUM_DELSYS 
 frontend: obey preferred frontend setting for all types... 
 Picon: Made the check for the alternatives a bit easier 
 servicemp3: fix finding videosink element 
 MultiEPG: At startup also jump to service that has... 
 GraphMultiEPG: Use new alternative services tool 
 Picon: Use new Alternative services Tool 
 Add a tool for handling alternative services 
 GraphMultiEPG: Make it compatible to alternative services 
 Picon: Fix not appearing picon in GraphMultiEPG for... 
Navigation: Fix per accident removed newline. 
 Navigation: Fix zapping along services with alternatives 
 ChannelNumber: Better way to determain index in channel... 
 New Slovenian language file 
 update typo in cs.po 
 GraphMultiEPG: Fix a cosmetic issue 
 frontend: query and use delsys list 
 GraphMultiEPGSetup: properly set screen title 
 cosmetic: "enigma 2" -> "enigma2" 
 GrpahMutliEPGsetup: cosmetic naming 
 Swedish translations 
 InfoBarGenerics: I missed the wierd ";" in my previous... 
 Small tweaks to the selection of the default EPG type 
update cs.po 
pl.po: update translations 
 de.po: Update German Translations 
 GraphMutiEPG: refactor picon/channelname handling 
 Add an extra option to select default EPG type to long... 
 Add Current Event EPG to EPG Plugin List 
GraphMultiEPG: remove piconSize skin attribute 
GraphMultiepg: rationalize picon/servicename mode setting 
GraphMultiEPG: Change font for service name when only... 
 GraphMultiEPG: Make one config regards picons/Servicenames 
Remember the EPG plugin/type selected by long-INFO 
 GraphMultiEpg: allow background pictures for channel... 
GraphMultiEPG: Adjust to current service when zapped... 
 GraphMultiEPG: Allow Multi EPG to change bouquet 
 Navigation: Second try to fix, now check for Infobarins... 
 GraphMultiEPG: Add access to multi service EPG 
 Navigation: Fix crash when there is no servicelist 
 GraphMultiEpg: Add access to single servie EPG 
 GraphMultiEpg: Make datetext above picons shorter 
 GraphMultiEPG: Force redraw of time entries when required 
 GraphMultiEpg: Save space when only picons are displayed 
 ChannelNumber: A better place to set the reference... 
 ChannelNumber: Fix for services start by timer and... 
 ChannelNumber: just a minor optimalization 
 ChannelSelection: Fix for channelnumber when zapping... 
 Revert "ChannelNumber: Remove not required code" 
 whitespace, readability/indentation fixes 
 ChannelNumber: Remove not required code 
 ChannelNumber: Far more better way to save resourses 
 Harddisk: blacklist ram devices 
 fix whitespace errors 
 ChannelNumber: Save some resources 
 dvb: continue when the number of frontends does not... 
 frontend: preset frontend details with fe_info 
 fix whitespace errors 
 ChannelNumber: Only number it when we are in a userbouquet 
 ChannelNumber: Completely rewrite a new Renderer 
 update po files 
 GraphMultiEpg: Make "Zap" for red button translatable 
 Revert "counting channelnumber from service reference... 
 MoviePlayer: Leave movieplayer also with exit/esc key 
 About: fix latest upgrade timestamp for OpenPli3.0 
 Split long customize setup menu into three sub setup... 
picload cosmetics 
fix update in picload to actually fix the possible... 
genre converter: recode and return empty strings on... 
EventName converter: Add "All Ages" class to parental... 
GraphMultiEpg: allow background images for events boxes. 
picload: allow to resize without keeping aspect ratio 
own skin_user_skinname.xml 
ServiceList: Give python more controll over location... 
Ipkg: check /var/lib/opkg/status 
counting channelnumber from service reference not from... 
display sorting status in movieplayer with icon 
Add new MovieSelectionsList icons to the image 
playback status in movielist, Text button programeable too 
added playback in loop optional message added string... 
Genre and rating display updates. 
Add parental rating and content descriptors to epgcache 
UsageConfig: Add missing bracket introduced by previous...
Thanks Tsakman for noticing

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