Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New release Opensat firmware AZbox Canada version

The guys of Azbox Canada released their version of the OS firmware:

We have just released firmware version 0.9.5402 for Elite HD, Premium HD, Ultra HD and Premium HD Plus models. It features the following improvements since 0.9.5400:
- Atlantic satellites and transponders updated
 - European satellites updated If you already have installed 0.9.5400, you may update to this new version simply by selecting Firmware upgrade <- Internet -> in System information.

You may also update manually by downloading the firmware file from http://fw.azbox.ca using your computer and saving the new firmware version on the root level folder of your USB drive named as "patch.bin" and rebooting your AzBox with the drive plugged in.

Hope you all love this new firmware and please do post some feedback of how it's working out for you. 

Best regards, PwrSurge AzBox Canada


  1. Hi, i'm from South America and i have an AzBox premium HD+, firmware 0.9.5309.
    I want to know if i can install 0.9.5402 directly from my AzBox (via internet) or if i need to have the previous version before i install this new one.
    Also, i'd like to know if this firmware (0.9.5402)has Amazonas Satellite and transponders.

    Thank you!!
    (my email is daclama@gmail.com)

  2. You can do it directly, no problem. The versions from Azbox canada has the right tot for you i think.

  3. Thank you very much for this, it is really appreciated. Those of us who are not programmers and don't have the expertise to install non-Azbox software on our Azbox STBs have been left feeling abandoned by Azbox for the past year. I was on the point of dumping the Azbox and buying another STB. Thanks again, super work.

  4. Don't thank me, say thanks to the author: www.azbox.ca . I'm just a messanger ;-)

  5. But you are right that we are feeling being abandoned by Opensat :(

  6. Eu sou Menezes, moro na America do Sul , Brasil,Bahia,Salvador.
    Sou usuario de Premium HD+, tenho convivido com frequentes paradas e congelamentos de imagem ,principalmente os canais em HD.
    Pergunto se teria como evitar isso? Qual a causa dos congelamento de imagem? seria defeito do meu AZBOX premium?

    Agradecido pela sua atenção.


  7. Hi, am in Spain (Europe)i have azbox premium+hd with firmware,0.9.5309.pls.I want to no if I can be able to install 0.9.5402 my email is (omoclems34@Yahoo.com) thanks.

  8. No problem, you can do a safe install with this offical firmware.

  9. Hi
    I have my AZBox HD + for last couple of months and I tried my best to get HD channels
    On 129w and 110,but no luck. You tube Is not working at all, even with the new firmware.
    I bout the 2nd dvbs2 tuner to try it out, but no luck.
    Any help will be appreciated.