Monday, July 09, 2012

New url from the RTI team

Important Notice!

All development AZBOX / E2 of the PLi Team RTI and the project, he moved on: ... the old link: ... go slowly. So from now on will be of any reference

At the same time, we announce that soon there will be other changes and innovations of the RTI team, of course, positive!

Now is the holiday season, but RTI is working full time.


In order to accelerate progress and support the open development AZBox MOD, it was decided that we should not waste dozens of forums.
So for a speech and image development support, everything will be centralized on

Certainly, here and there ... users can always ask and get answers ... etc.

Posted by Tsakman to AZboxnews at July 9, 2012 1:31 PM


  1. Ok, but what about all those threads placed on the old forum?

  2. Good question. In my opinion it is a strange decision 2 close the one wich had the most information and traffic. Maybe we don't know the whole story and there is more going?

  3. News from RTI

    Currently we moved to Kernel 3.4.4 to test on Premium, and to see if problems on it are gone.... More info to follow soon.
    Images for AZBox Me and MiniMe are so far very stable and good working, which You can see by reading many forum's, and actually we are working on old boxes to give support for users which still have Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra.

    For example, big evolution is made in sense of kernel, drivers and openpli running on new models. Also AZPlay is comming, blindscan is already done, and people are using it, it works perfect. Soon there will be USB Tuner support so I dont see any reason to say it is unstable or not working good.
    I can say in max next 2 weeks we will have USB DVB-X (S/C/T) support on Me and MiniMe.

    Issue is that we are not just doing support for new models, we also doing support for old models, as we really want to make users happy so they can run Open AZBox MOD with new kernel, which is much better and stable than 2.6.22-19.

  4. What is the reason for closing RTI forum? Does it mean that RTI now = PLI? Can somebody explain all these movements and what do they mean for users, especially of old models like Premium+?