Friday, September 14, 2012

Fast Zapping Kernel for AZBox Ultra and AZBox Premium+

Special for AZbox Ultra and Premium+ there is a new kernel ( 3.4.4 , note : not for the older images based on the older kernels! ) for faster zapping.

We quote:

Some users have noted that zapping speed is slow on Premium+ and Ultra.

We have found problem in compiler as part of OE, until we fix it we recommend people which want faster zapping on Ultra and Premium+ to install this kernel with AZUp 2.2.6

Start AZUp 2.2.6, enter IP address of Ultra or Premium+, select Only kernel field (see picture) and press GO.

This kernel can be used with AZBox Elite and Premium as well.




  1. just tell us what should we change in kernel config ;)

    Persian Professionals team

  2. The only one who can write drivers is the maker and owner of all the sources, You should know :P

  3. Can i flash it with the OFW from OPENSAT??? am runing 0.9.5402