Wednesday, December 26, 2012

AzBox miniMe American closed edition version 1.1 firmware

Did you heard about AZbox. The open source community box from the early days? It looks like that time is over. The new keyword from AZbox is now "severally" ? We don't know. For months we don't know anymore. 

Next step is OpenRSI for dutch users alone? OpenAZbox for the germans and the OFirmware for the spanish? Android for Roald Dahl?

Non US users: let us know if the statement is right and the firmware indeed only works for US.

Quote AZbox Canada after read more:

AzBox miniMe American edition version 1.1 firmware 
 Christmas gift from AzBox Canada! On this Christmas day, we at AzBox Canada would like to wish all SatelliteGuys members a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. As our present for all miniMe American edition owners, we are releasing firmware version 1.1 which contains the following performance enhancements and bug fixes: 
 - Added audio chime when receiver boots up or resumes from standby. This fixes the issue with certain high bitrate feeds pixelating such as CBS by properly initializing the multimedia drivers.
 - Updated DVB tuner drivers which slightly enhances tuner lock speed.
 - Assigned default remote control buttons (i.e. |<< and >>|) in order to page up or page down the channel list.
 - Blindscan range now automatically uses valid default values based on the current satellite's configured LO value. For C-band satellites, 3700 to 4200, for Ku-band satellites using a standard 10750 LNBF, 11700 to 12200 and for a universal Ku-band LNBF, 10700 to 12200.
- Added SatelliteGuys Radio to the online radio player for some GREAT holiday tunes.
- Added option to sort channel list by channel number. When the channel list is displayed, you may use the green button to sort channels either alphabetically, by transponder frequency, by satellite and now by channel number.
- Miscellaneous cosmetic and bug fixes. 
 Please note that after exiting the video or recordings player to watch satellite channels again, there might be a delay of up to 30 seconds before the media drivers releases control back to the tuner so please be patient. Also once you exit back to TV mode, the channel you were previously watching might not come back until you change to another channel and back again. This is a multimedia driver issue and we are waiting to get updated drivers from Sigma in order to fix this issue.
IMPORTANT: This update can ONLY be installed on the AzBox miniMe American edition. Firmware won't flash on non American edition miniMe devices.



  1. Yes, this is a special firmware which was custom designed for AzBox American edition devices and is NOT based on AZtrino. We are planning to soon offer subscription based IPTV services in the near future and as a requirement from these providers, we must restrict our firmware to only operate on AzBox American edition devices.

    On the other hand, we remain committed to the open source community with our North American edition of AZtrino which can be used on device worldwide. We recently released version 2.15 for the AzBox Me and will soon release a version for the AzBox miniMe as well.

    Best Regards,

    AzBox Canada

    1. I'm not happy with it but thanks for the answers AZbox Canada! You are the only one who still communicate with the community.Respect for the communication! It's a long time ago we've heard something from OpenSat ...

  2. I think that it also has to do with protecting your sales market. If you make nice software, and all your competitors (other distri's) can work with it and sell the hardware with it then you do a lot of work, and all can use it. That feels somehow not always fair.

    This action will also kill the grey import (dont know if that is a big problem on the other side of the world, but here in the .eu it sometimes is.) People need to buy the Azbox from Azbox Canada. They cant buy it for cheap in lets say China or Europe, and our Chinese friends cant sell it with the purpuse of running Azbox American Edition devices.

    On the other hand, its also again not nice to see that our beloved movie industrie think that rules will improve the sales :)

    Is this a nice solution? No, will this be solved?, yes :)

    Is this interesing for us .eu guys? No, i think that the iptv streams are already being killed at the routers, is this an .eu ip? Yes? Then kill connection.

    So I dont worry that much about it.

    I think it is great wat Azbox Canada does for our American friends, make a nice platform for the Azbox.

    1. Yes, the so called "grey import" (i.e. counterfeit) of AzBox devices is becoming a more serious problem here in North America as well with Chinese clones of the AzBox Premium HD Plus now in the market. A detailed public statement in regards to these counterfeit units will soon be released.

      However, we at AzBox Canada have already started taking action to protect our market by introducing a dynamic logo for each authorized dealer which links to our website for verification.


      AzBox Canada

    2. A public statement about the AzBox Premium HD Plus clones now in the North American market has been made at

  3. Found on:

    Please note that any AzBox products purchased in Canada from unauthorized dealers or online retailers not listed above will receive NO support or warranty. In addition, you risk purchasing one of the many clone receivers currently in the market using the AzBox brand without authorization. Furthermore, our newest receiver models feature custom made firmware for the North American market with exclusive features which can ONLY be installed on devices purchased from authorized AzBox Canada dealers.

  4. I'm not happy with it but thanks for the answers AZbox Canada! You are the only one who still communicate with the community.Respect for the communication! It's a long time ago we've heard something from OpenSat ...

  5. Also not happy that a receiver that was proposed to be open source is closed source privately. This is not what this community is about. Inquiring about the availability of the minime I discovered that no more are being produced currently. This would indicate that as with the me there will be no Android for the minime.

    Concerning clones of azboxs they have been available for a long time and have not been a problem in North America. I recently purchased a plus from worldwidesatellite and verified with the serial number that it is 100% authentic and not a clone. Making accusations without merit is detrimental to the whole community and slanderous toward an honorable business. I for one will not buy from any business that tries to stifle competition through arrogant mistruths.

    1. Can you proof you statement about the statement of minime (no production? ) . I like to see it if you can.

    2. And how were you able to verify using the serial number that your Premium HD Plus is "100% authentic and not a clone"? :)

      As Worldwide Satellites is on our unauthorised dealers list at, the Premium HD Plus you purchased from them won't be eligible for technical support and has no 2 year warranty from either AzBox Canada or OpenSat Lda. as it is most likely counterfeit.

    3. @ He won't be able to prove anything because Mr. Anonymous is none other than Mr. Worldwide satellites trying to save himself!

      Ironically enough, we also have in our possession a plus which was purchased from and we recently verified the serial number with Opensat and guess what, they have NO record of it! There's also several visible hardware differences between our authentic units and their counterfeit unit which makes it a clone, 100%!

      This does not surprise me as also sells Dreambox clones such as the DM500-S and their newest clone, the DM-100 V2. Both of these models have been discontinued from Dream Multimedia for quite some time now.

    4. Damned, got no IP check ups on this blog :(

  6. - And how were you able to verify using the serial number that your Premium HD Plus is "100% authentic and not a clone"? :)

    Yes, and how will you verify that the box running your software is 100% authentic?