Friday, July 27, 2012

"New" Official Firmware for the Old AZbox and ME/ MiniME

We almost didn't believed there would come official firmware from OpenSAT but today they surprised us.

On Facebook  they released :

Official FW for First Generation models (UltraHD, Elite HD, Premium HD and Premium+HD) version 0.9.5310 : download ( Same as 10 july )

Aztrino 2.0 RC1 Me : download 

Aztrino 2.0 RC1 MiniME : download 

No releasenotes , nothing about the kernels ( we think it are the new ones ). and we don't now if the AZtrino are different from the Beta's. But hey, on facebook they are alive!

Hopefully someone from the old Opensat compagny can send DT Innovations the login for , that looks a bit more professional ;-)


  1. The previous Beta versions had a size of 20-25 mb, the new ones have a size of 60+ mb.

  2. Kernel test 3.4.4 for old Azbox boxes