Friday, July 26, 2013

OpenATV starts testing with 3.9.2 kernel

After the release of kernel 3.9.2 and the new drivers by the Ripper, OpenATV has build an image with this new kernel and drivers.

Although the image is absolutely not meant for production, it looks very promissing.
Betatesters are testing the image, to trace bugs, so OpenATV can fix them and build the image for public release.

We would like to emphasize that the current status of the image is pre-beta. It is only meant for beta-testers.
Nevertheless, nice to know that OpenATV works on a new image.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Persian Prince is First with kernel 3.9.2 Image for AZbox ME

Persian Prince:

first build with kernel/drivers 3.9.2 for azboxme :
it has all kernel/drivers updates but gstreamer won't work now , you should wait (no ETA right now)
It's a Tiny release not Lite or Full so don't expect so much just test booting status , drivers ...
don't forget to write your feedback.
Thanks in advance
Feedback: at this place please.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No more AZplay for OpenRSi

OpenRSi has released a new daily build of the Azbox image, in which they have gone back to the MRUA player to play audio and video content.

Thanks to sattommy, it is now also possible to play ISO and DVD content.

OpenRSi has left Azplay, because it was less stable and development has been brought to a halt.

So, from now on, MediaCenter should be a major step forward.

+ DVD playback
+ ISO playback
-  No longer based on Azplay

Known issue:
  • Fast Forward (>>) and Backwards (<<) unstable.
  • Subtitle configuration -> green screen
Added issues:
  • - Subtitles with utf not shown correctly.

Despite of these issues, MediaCenter should work okay with skip-buttons (1, 4, 7 and 3, 6, 9 keys) and >>| seek button



Drivers 3.9.2. for AZbox are coming Update: Also for Me and MiniME

Since a few hours new drivers appeared on Google Code. Now it's waiting when they release firmware which can talk with these drivers.


Also the drivers for Me and MiniMe appeared. Thanks Ripper! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[DM] Hardware-Update for Dreamboxes


Release-Image planned for OE2.0

Hong Kong, 18. July 2013. Leontech, responsible for the distribution of the Dreambox brand of Linux-based set-top boxes, is launching three existing models of Dreamboxes into the trade with improved hardware. The DM500 HD as well as the DM800 HD se and the DM7020 HD will be equipped with new memory modules, increasing the performance of these boxes, which have won many awards. In addition a release image will be published for the OE2.0 software for this second generation of Dreamboxes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More about Titan?

Some users on forums on the internet found some urls of the manufacturer of the new AZbox Titan.

The products seems to be produced by Sen5 under the name SD99010A.

If we look on the site from Global Sources there is more information. On this site this box is sold with this RC:

The RC is shown in the product video.

The specs on GS about the Titan looking box (we don't know if these will be the same as the AZbox Titan!):

Official Website Azbox

The working on the new official website of AZbox is still not finished yet. Visiting still give this result:

But there is hope! For contact the new owners there is one real www with some acces:

Surf and watch it by yourself:

New pictures AZbox Titan single and twin

On Traveler wrote:

We have received some samples of final version of AZBox Titan, with single and twin DVB-S2 Tuner. 
New thing is that they come with Allwinner A20 1.2 GHz Dual Core ARM processor and 1 GB DDR III RAM, 4 GB Flash, Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

AZBox Titan have full support for Miracast (, and everyone who have phone with Miracast support can use it with Titan.

In the same topic user donbass found some interesting "China-box" wich some similarities.

Pictures after the "read more".

Friday, July 05, 2013

OpenATV for AZbox released!

Let's see what the guys of did with some fundraising. Those guys ROCK!!!!

Quote from Zeini on

OpenATV-image is released.

First image on Azbox with running HbbTV. Also Opera as browser is included in this image.

I can advise it espacielly for Azbox Me. Because this box have enough flash and RAM for HbbTV.

But this image is also fine for old boxes (Premium/Elite/Ultra)). Also on old boxes HbbTV is running, if you flash the image on an external USB stick, with minimum 1 GB (faster stick is allways better). In this case you must first install flashexpander from feed. You find it in
press green button < again green button < extensions.

HbbTV you can install from feed online. You can find it in extensions < hbbtv 2.0.

But with installed HbbTV the box will run very slow on old boxes. So I think, it would be better, not install HbbTV on old boxes.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fundraising and OpenATV, progress.

As reported before , the fundraising of is very succesfull. OpenATV goes AZbox! Colla posted the about the recent progress. All what we can say: Colla,, OpenATV and all supporters: thank you for not letting us down!!!! And you are still welcome to support the fundraising!