Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fundraising and OpenATV, progress.

As reported before , the fundraising of Myazbox.de is very succesfull. OpenATV goes AZbox! Colla posted the about the recent progress. All what we can say: Colla, Myazbox.de, OpenATV and all supporters: thank you for not letting us down!!!! And you are still welcome to support the fundraising!

Colla wrote :

Until the publication of the reviews are of course only available to testers. That's normal and actually standard on all images ..

As a rough idea but still.

The most important innovation is HbbTV. It actually runs satisfactorily now on Me On the MiniMe there are still problems. But that which we have only 1 tester and is not sure whether it is not a hardware problem its box. In the "old" boxes it only works with a USB stick. Possibly. can change that if you created the partitions with Azup else (But is just speculation from me, one can not at the moment). Yes, and on these boxes it is just very very slow, apparently because the boxes have too little RAM. Enigma2 and HbbTV need something under 200 MB, but there are only 128 MB available. Therefore, the RAM using SWAP must be stored on a memory. And that is the same as on a PC, where it indeed probably know most of them. This slows the system scary.

The image itself is stable and good. The driver error can not iron out but. Work is still on smaller improvements and especially to the keymap.

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