Friday, July 05, 2013

OpenATV for AZbox released!

Let's see what the guys of did with some fundraising. Those guys ROCK!!!!

Quote from Zeini on

OpenATV-image is released.

First image on Azbox with running HbbTV. Also Opera as browser is included in this image.

I can advise it espacielly for Azbox Me. Because this box have enough flash and RAM for HbbTV.

But this image is also fine for old boxes (Premium/Elite/Ultra)). Also on old boxes HbbTV is running, if you flash the image on an external USB stick, with minimum 1 GB (faster stick is allways better). In this case you must first install flashexpander from feed. You find it in
press green button < again green button < extensions.

HbbTV you can install from feed online. You can find it in extensions < hbbtv 2.0.

But with installed HbbTV the box will run very slow on old boxes. So I think, it would be better, not install HbbTV on old boxes.


  1. I don't understand. How can I first install the flashexpander plugin if FIRST I don't install the image?