Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AZbox Canada is working hard for AZbox

Where some distributors has to stop  after all the great work they have done for Opensat there are other distributors who still have great plans for our beloved receivers. In the comments on this blog AZbox Canada published a comment wich deserve more attention. So here it is again:

 We have invested a fair amount of time, effort and money in improving AzBox HD receivers to the best of our ability with:

- AzTrino North American Edition for AzBox Me.
- New versions of the official firmware for the Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models with performance and Youtube fixes.
- Introduction of the WaveFocus wireless b/g/n USB adapter which works out of the box in enabling wireless connectivity for AzBox Elite and Ultra models just like an AzBox Premium/Plus model.

And that's now all as we are currently working on...

- AzBox Me Android Edition.
- Continuously updated satellite lists for the Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models.
- AzTrino North American Edition for AzBox miniMe.
- Fixing ATSC support for the AzBox Elite and Premium models.

Lots of exciting things are coming soon for AzBox and we at AzBox Canada are proud in making it happen. 

Best Regards,

AzBox Canada


  1. Sorry but Azbox is dead !

    Cellun is over .. and Cellrun was behind all the fix software !

    Android is delayed because Cellrun is closed !

  2. Sorry, but the Android story is a story from Opensat and Sigma. Celrun is from the original Opensat Firmware (old boxes). See the firmware of this Celrun ( from 0:38 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmmptjxnDEM . Celrun has nothing to do with Android.

  3. hello!!

    thee are prospects to see soon android software at azbox me (mini me)?
    what happend about this software?
    maybe we are help us to find a solution with this..

    my email is : krios69@hotmail.com my name is: Thanasis Giannoulias and i'm from greece.
    if you want send me anything maybe i help you.

    if yoy have any new (and you dont want to send me anything) post it here.
    also i have another question about Azbrowser.
    would you like to send me a test file about it?

    thank you for all!!
    Thanasis Giannoulias

  4. From what i've heard about Android, i qoute:

    "From what I hear, they are making good progress and are working hard to make an initial release by this fall."

    For AZbrowser: Ask RTi Team for it. The only thing i can code is a good cup of coffee ;-)

  5. bad box! dont buy!