Monday, July 09, 2012

Opensat firmware 0.9.5310 release

New Official Firmware Release from Opensat for Elite, Premium, Ultra and Premium Plus. Version 9.5310 with You Tube Fix.

This will be posted at Opensat soon, but they currently have some technical issues with their web site.


Rick Caylor
Ricks Satellite USA
AZ Box US Distributor


  1. We have just released firmware version 0.9.5402 for Elite HD, Premium HD, Ultra HD and Premium HD Plus models.

    It features the following improvements since 0.9.5400:

    - Atlantic satellites and transponders updated
    - European satellites updated

    If you already have installed 0.9.5400, you may update to this new version simply by selecting Firmware upgrade <- Internet -> in System information. You may also update manually by downloading the firmware file from using your computer and saving the new firmware version on the root level folder of your USB drive named as "patch.bin" and rebooting your AzBox with the drive plugged in.

    Hope you all love this new firmware and please do post some feedback of how it's working out for you.

    Best regards,

    AzBox Canada

  2. Is 0.9.5402 an considered official release or is it a 3rd party hack of an official release? If it's not official, a different numbering system should be used to avoid confusion.

    I also noticed that 0.9.5310 does not show up on, yet the higher numbered versions are present.

    Will both releases show up on the official azbox release site.

  3. This is not official as the main code was coming from CELLRUN ( fixing bug .. either badly ).

    Cellrun is under bankrupt ... and here is why Azbox stopped Android ..

    Opensat is just a dealer / reseller, they are not coding ....

    Just release files !!

  4. You are right about Cellrun and that this is their OS. If they are almost bankrupt , I don't know, do you have a source for this statement?