Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New official website AZbox

The old site from AZbox was down for a few days. On the old one there was nothing new to find, all communication from Opensat was on Facebook ( last reaction overthere : 12 oct ..... ).

We are glad to see today there is life on www.azbox.com ! It ain't over yet !

We wish HTCE Limited all luck with the new site. One free tip: use that site for communicaton with your consumers. For example: who is the owner of the brand AZbox? In Canada in official statements there is still Opensat Lda mentioned. A simple Whois points to HTCE Limited. Are the rumours true that everybody can order receivers, even if they are not (official) reseller? How about the support in the future? Why is the email on the new site azbox.europe[at]azbox.com ( only Europe? )?

Questions, questions, questions. Please use the new site for answers ;)

A new year, new opportunities!


  1. Even though OpenSat Lda. is not listed as the owner of the azbox.com domain does not mean that they are no longer involved with AzBox.

  2. AZbox Canada,

    It is possible. But at this moment AZbox Canada is the only official reseller involved with AZbox who are communicating. That is no good ( in my opinion ). In Europe there's changed a lot in resellerland. If you buy a Dreambox or a VU you know as a consumer who made this box. Who the owner is. With AZbox things were clear in the beginning of 2012. A year later? As a consumer you could order AZbox on the main site ( maybe they also delivered also in Canada? ) instead of on a webshop or reseller. What is the vision of Opensat/ HTCE/ AZbox nowadays? You'll have to admit they made a few promises ( twin support on Elite/ Premium, Android on Mini/ME ) wich never came out.

    Don't understand me wrong. I'm still a huge fan of AZbox, it's the best HD box you can imagine ( the picture is really the best ).

  3. In a short way: the people in Canada has to be lucky they've got AZbox Canada ;-)

  4. Hola, pregunto:

    1º) ¿Porqué si el dominio es .com.ar está todo redactado en inglés y no como debería ser en español?

    2º) Soy usuario de Premium HD+. ¿Que va a pasar con los canales que tenemos en negro en la actualidad? ¿Tienen pensado en sacar algún bin como para dejar de depender de los IKS? ¿Tendremos soporte asi como ya lo han hecho otras marcas con sus distintos modelos o nos dejaran librados a la buena de Dios? Gracias
    Hugo (Argentina)

  5. Hi I have my Azbox me needs software but couldn't find any one who has it. Would you please help

  6. Hi I have Azbox me that needs a software update but couldnt find anybody that has it. Would you please help manythanks