Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Hypercube] Firmware 21-1-2013

How to upgrade the Hypercube:

1:Copy the upgrade file(SU980) to the root of USB device.
2:POWER Off the STB and insert the usb device.
3:Press the POWER KEY and CH+ Key at the same time,and power on the STB
4:Please loosen POWER KEY and CH+ Key while the OLED display show "Super up ,pls wait...", the STB start update.
5:After update finished ,the OLED would display "finished,please reboot".please power off the STB and power on to restart the STB.
6:Download finished!

Existing Bugs in this SW Version:

1:In Radio Mode no sound.
2:HD recording - in playback have some freezers.
3:Scrmabled recording no working at moment (because of CI).
4:If STB get "Greenscreen" sometimes loose the Tuner please make Newstart in Menu.
5:CI no working yet
We work out this problems and will support new SW asap.

Source and download

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