Thursday, January 10, 2013

OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD Release - 4 - Update: and (mini) ME -3-

New image for HD from :

 Kernel of 9. January 2013
 Drivers of 6. January 2013
 Enigma 2 of 9. January 2013

 What is new:

 - Initial support for USB DVB Tuners
 - vTuner support for Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra
 - Back to old Video out API
 - Fixed de-interlace remember option when exit from AZPlay
 - Fixed scaling - Fixed problem with AZPlay playback ( was missing)

 Download driver support for your USB DVB Tuners directly from Menu -> Plugins -> Press Green button for Download

MiniME :

 In this initial phase of testing USB Tuner support, please report if your tuner is recognized and if you could manage to install driver from Menu -> Plugins -> Green button for Download -> Drivers This will help us to continue and finish vTuner support for OLD AZBox models if possible at all.

Note: don't report here but here :

 Please use AZUp 2.2.7 to flash your device with latest Enigma 2 Images!

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