Sunday, January 06, 2013

AzBox miniMe American edition version 1.17 firmware

We quote AZbox Canada on SatelliteGuys :
Ok, version 1.17 is now available. 
 This includes the following fixes:
 - Crash when selecting different satellite than currently active one in manual transponder scan and blindscan now fixed.
 - issue with updating process now resolved.
 - Correct American satellite list now included.
 For this update, you will most likely have to use safe mode as described in the handout that came with the receiver as the issue that was resolved also impacted the updating process. However, in order to preserve your channels and settings, you will first need to do a backup on a USB drive as follows:
 Settings -> Manage settings -> Image-Settings: Backup 
You will then have to select your USB device in the media folder and all your settings including channels, antenna setup and user preferences will be backed up to your USB device. 

Once version 1.17 is installed, you may then restore your channels and settings by doing:
 Settings -> Manage settings -> Image-Settings: Restore and then selecting your USB device in the media folder and your backup file.
 Best regards, PwrSurge AzBox Canada


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