Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AZboxnews is going for a cooling down ...

Maybe there will be one more blog tonight but for the coming time AZboxnews Blog and Twitter is going for a cooling down period. To stop or not to stop that's the question ;-)


  1. Johannes:
    Hopefully not, because this blog is the only source of updated information from our azbox...

  2. I hope that it is not true. WHY?

  3. Can't tell everything (yet) but maybe next week. For me it's hobby. Don't make money with it only free publicity for AZbox. Something happened wich damaged my trust.

  4. Sad news... Someone destroys something good, again. Thx azboxnews.

  5. Thanks for everything. Hope we will read the reason ...

  6. Azbox project is a complete failure - both new and old products. I'm one of its victims. Latest news is really discouraging, especially for old boxes owners. Azboxnews - thank you for your job.

  7. Thank you for your effort, but this site did not bring anything valuable, maybe with the exception of help to complete newbies, but experienced users solve their issues over Pli, RTi or other forums. So closing down this site wont hurt a lot.
    I dont agree that AZBox products are a failure, there has been a major progress in this year thanks to people from RTi team and other linux enthusiasts and the future is also quite promising

  8. @above, you sound like a insider. If so, we both know better.

  9. For the major group here it is hobby, including me. Hobby is for joy, not argue. Please keep it do.

  10. We at AzBox Canada would be saddened if AzBoxnews ceases to exist as it is a valuable resource to inform people about AzBox happenings. We have invested a fair amount of time, effort and money in improving AzBox HD receivers to the best of our ability with:

    - AzTrino North American Edition for AzBox Me.
    - New versions of the official firmware for the Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models with performance and Youtube fixes.
    - Introduction of the WaveFocus wireless b/g/n USB adapter which works out of the box in enabling wireless connectivity for AzBox Elite and Ultra models just like an AzBox Premium/Plus model.

    And that's now all as we are currently working on...

    - AzBox Me Android Edition.
    - Continuously updated satellite lists for the Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus models.
    - AzTrino North American Edition for AzBox miniMe.
    - Fixing ATSC support for the AzBox Elite and Premium models.

    Lots of exciting things are coming soon for AzBox and we at AzBox Canada are proud in making it happen. We are grateful in having AzBoxnews as a way to share our progress and achievements.

    Best Regards,

    AzBox Canada

  11. please keep it on.