Monday, December 03, 2012

OpenRSi goes GigaBlue

Openrsi, well known of their great images for AZbox is going to make images for GigaBlue.

The GigaBlue is a great linux receiver:

GigaBlue HD Quad is a Linux based dual tuner DVB-S2 satellite receiver with 2 additional slots for plug and play tuner modules. With up to 4 tuners in all and a very fast processor inside it has a lot of potential. 

Manufactor: Gigablue
Price: From around € 399
Signal type: DVB-S2 (DVB-C/T Plug’n Play)
Launched: October 2012

Read the review : Here
Quote OpenRSI :
We have been making AZBox images for a while now and what we learned from feedback is that it is quite a popular image.
Right now, we have limited the image-building to AZBox HD, Me and miniMe receivers, but we have decided to build an image for the GigaBlue receivers.
So we can proudly say that we will also be making images for Gigablue 800SE/UE and Gigablue Quad receivers
First image has been send to our testers for review and we hope to be able to publish the first public releases in the next couple of days.
So, stay tuned! 
Users from Europe who are interested and liked the great old service of the AZbox reseller, take watch here  Dutch , German, French, English. Let the old times roll!

Speak with GigaRSI overhere: OpenRSI forum

Download GigaBlue OpenRSI 3.0 : Here

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