Thursday, September 13, 2012

MICOM upgrade ME and MiniME

The MICOM firmware isn't part of Enigma. We quote from :

v2.0 (13 september 2012)

AZbox ME : download
AZbox MiniME : download

- Fixed Auto Power On (No need anymore to press power button on RCU or Front panel to turn on receiver). 

How to update Micom Firmware on AZBox Me?

Unpack archive , and copy file micom.bin together with update.ext file to USB Memory Stick.
Plug USB Memory Stick in AZBox Me and Turn on on receiver. After You see TV Update GUI select Flash Micom, and wait that receiver reboot and then you can remove USB Memory Stick.

To test if Micom Firmware Upgrade process was finished successfully please remove and reinsert power source of AZBox Me, receiver will boot automatically.

Update: the update.ext file can be found in the Openazbox images. We don't own the MiniME, we don't know if it are different files, so to be sure here the 2 different latest firmwares with the update.ext file in it:


Unpack and take the update.ext file from it for your USB. When you reboot you get the update screen. Select 5. Flash Micom. It takes a few seconds and the receiver reboots.

Update2: It is also possible to flash with the Webinterface


  1. And where is update.ext file?

  2. See update ;) Had to search it also. It was indeed better when they packed it also in the zip file.

  3. I think we can update it also through web interface

  4. But why would anyone mess with MICON when we are warned not to. Besides why would anyone want to not be able to control the power from the RCU?

    Like Aztrino 2.0 this looks dodgy to ME :)

  5. It's done really fast. Seen no errors. I think it's pretty safe.

  6. RCU still works here after the update.

  7. i have a problem with new micom azbox minime

    Please help
    After i install ( new AZBox MiniMe - MICOM FIRMWARE )
    i have a problem with the device
    When turned off after 30 minutes of extinction or more
    when I come back to run the device does not want to work
    i reboot azbox minime to work
    Thus always
    What is the solution ?
    I need to Old micom
    Please help me

  8. Can't help you. Saw you also asked on Opensat4all , hopefull they've got answers

  9. old Micom here: