Sunday, August 26, 2012

No more JazUp, PR2 and Hectore stops support AZbox

Everybody who were waiting for JazUp 2.7 can stop with waiting, it won't come. Never.

PR@ and Hectore have decided to stop all support for AZbox. We quote ( and please read it, it contains a useful warning about JazUp and the new kernel ) :


There will be no more version of JaZUp, we decide to stop all support to AZbox product.

Moreover please don't use anymore JaZUp since with kernel 3.4.4 RTi team change the boot value in Yamon.
You needs to use setxenv to change it, this is not implemented in JaZUp 2.6.

Even to return from kernel 3.4.4 to old kernel (official firmware or other Enigma2 distro that still use old kernel) don't use JaZUp, this will brick your Azbox.

My small gift to you is the command to send to change the boot parameter in Yamon:

To boot kernel 3.4.4

setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.start -v \""dump romfs 0xac080000;load zbf 0xac080090; go"\"
To boot older kernel (official or old Enigma2)
setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.start -v \""xrpc 0xac080090; load zbf 0xb3000000; go"\"
If you don't know what those lines means, don't play with them, I am not responsible of Azbox brick. But people that already brick their Azbox and with Yamon cable can probably take advantages of this information. :-)

So we know what to do to add support for kernel 3.4.4 in JaZUp but we decide to no longer release any version of JaZUp, for us this is an old story now.
We would like to thanks donators that support us so far, release 2.6 was already created for them, but now it's time for us to use our skills on other projects.

Pr2 & Hectore


Rest us only to say thank you! to both Hectore and Pr2!

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