Saturday, August 04, 2012


Yesterday not everybody was enthousiastic about the new settop mediaplayer from Dune because of the sigma processor. Gregory even mentioned XBMC in his comment. Ok, we are also big XBMC fans. There is not much information about this receiver but what about VU+XBMC from VU+?

No pictures, no technical or price information. But the story sounds good! Sat TV and XBMC in one box.

Flyer: Click here

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  1. Wow..

    I love AzBox but this time I think Vu will have a killer device.

    I have tested the XBMC PVR for HTPC and it don't seems finished yet (yet far away from the experience we have with E2), but if Vu (or any other brand) manage to give under XBMC the same experience we have in E2 while watching TV, I'm pretty sure it will have a big bite in the market share.

    XBMĆ name have it's own power that transcends the whole AzBox/Dreambox/Vu war. The one that dominate this power first will be known for this fact in the STB world.

    Please keep us informed of any news about this, ok? And keep up the good work in your blog!