Thursday, August 16, 2012

AZbox-Enigma.EU is back online

We don't know why, maybe it's because is offline? , but  is back on the net. With a empty database.

Our head sponsor of, has made it possible that we can go on with our mission to build a strong community, offering the oh-so-needed info and know-how to make life easier for AZBox users. Therefore, they would like to inform you that is online again.

The content of the forum has been restored and will be available to all our registered users, as it offers loads of information, work-around and Tip&Tricks.

We will expand the forum with sections that will cover more then just the earlier azbox-enigma project.
Think about multi-lingual sections that cover topics on plug-ins or firmware images that are build by other developers.

This way, we will get a pretty useful forum that is easy to access by anyone, without hard-to-remember domain names. Just remember

We hope, you will enjoy again, as you have done before.

Please keep in mind that we have changed our user policy. So, please read it again and, if you agree, have lot of fun on this board.

With kind regards,

Thanks Tsakman for noticing

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