Friday, February 15, 2013

Untruths about clones

Normally we really don't care about fights between distributors and resellers. But we saw in the past more really good and trustful distributors going out of business thru false rumours and promises. Trustful distributors who didn't lie or didn't make false promises about , for example, Android 2 us, the consumers. Ricks Satellite USA is one of them.

In the past we learned Rick Caylor as a decent person. As a reseller who never promised things wich he couldn't make hard. Ricks Satellite never promised Android. 

We think everybody has 2 read his reaction and make up his mind. 

If you live in the US: Please support this guy and buy your satellite stuff at his shop. He deserve the support!

It should be a good thing if OPENSAT are going to clear some things : what about this clone rumour, android, future of firmware development, future of AZbox? 

Read Ricks statement after the read more :

I am Rick Caylor from Ricks Satellite USA and I still have some of the AZ Box Me receivers, but that is not the reason that I am posting here now.
Serge of AZ Box Canada, also known as Dr. Sat is making FALSE UNTRUE Statements about AZ Box Premium Plus HD Clones. He has recently made a claim that any AZ Box Premium Plus that was purchased after 2012 and that has 3 rows of cooling vents is a Clone. This statement is 100% FALSE and UNTRUE.
I have purchased over 500 Premium Pluses from Opensat when they were still in business and were still in control of the labeling and selling of the AZ Box products. I have had and still have NEW Original REAL AZ Box Premium Plus HD receivers that have the 3 rows of cooling vents. These are NOT Clones.
If you would like to read more about this, then please visit my forum and read the thread, as it is to much to type here:
Serge from AZ Box Canada needs to retract these statements.
I work hard to keep a good reputation in my business and am proud of what I have been able to do. We are a small mom and pop business working from home and took the thrill of our hobby and truned it into a business and will not sit by idle while these UNTRUTHS are being spread around the Internet.

Thanks for you time,
Rick CaylorRicks Satellite USA 


  1. Let me tell you that Opensat/DTinnovations will not clear up anything anymore, since there is no contact at Opensat anymore.

    Opensat/DTinnovations has no commercial activities anymore. There is no sales representative or department that takes care of resellers.

    I know this, because I got this information first hand.

    I know that this way of communicating is nothing new, for Opensat laks communication-skills, which is proven in the past.

    Don't get your hopes up high.
    Portugal will only handle RMA/repairs. The rest is history.

  2. Let me tell you something else about clones:

    In 2012, I told Opensat about clone-selling companies.
    Their answer was: So what?

    My question to Opensat then was, what they are willing to do about the companies that sell clones.

    There answer was: Nothing, they sell it under a different name.