Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Open letter for the owners of the brand AZbox

To: azbox.europe/at/azbox.com
Subject: Open Letter published on AZboxnews

Dear sir/madam,

At first i want to apologize for my English. I'm from Europe ( not from England ).

Today you launched a great video from a great prototype "AZbox Titan". I loved it. XBMC, Android and DVB-S2 in one!

At the same time i remembered this feeling of excitement. After a few hours, i know why i remembered this feeling! It was the same feeling when i watched an announcement from your side of the AZbox ME. Shall i tell you a little joke? I've even drove 200 miles to the Anga in Germany for it!

That time , i was so excited about the idea of an AZbox with Android that i forgave your mistakes with the AZbox Elite ( oops, it wasn't really a twin, wasn't it? ). I even forgave the mistakes with the Premium ( oops, again , it wasn't really a twin, wasn't it? ). At the end the Premium plus arrived, and i have to admit, this one i liked.

It was at this time we had a great distributor in Europe, who solved a lot of problems for you.

Later this great distributor stopped and there was an announcement Android was killed because Sigma wasn't really a reliable partner for you. And here the fuzz begon. A lot of partners ran away from you, there was almost no firmware support ( not official ) and nobody seems to know who Opensat was. Nowadays nobody seems to know who exactly the owners of the brand AZbox is.

Websites are down, communication ( what left of it ) is on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter.

There is a lot fuzz going on about clones ( did you noticed it ? ).

And what are you doing? You release a new AZbox. Samples are send to OpenAZbox ( no, they have absolutely really nothing to do with you, i know! They are just really smart with drivers and more of that stuff ).

Can you understand, we are a little bit sceptic about this? What did you changed in your consumer policy so we can recommend this  new box with dry eyes?

Please help us. Ofcourse you can answer on the blog. Help us to win the trust and love back for AZbox!




  1. i still have my AZBox HD Premium HD + it's working pretty well, but sadly Enigma2 doesn't decode my HD channels well and my DVB-T channels for some reason they are not showing up or the box wont pick them up when doing a scan, probably a driver issue.

    but AZBox really needs a new owner, a new people welling to give us what we want, Android shouldn't have been stopped, should have been our newest firmware, sad that there is no Source Code outside so people with the knowledge could pick it and make it work.

    and another thing, http://www.azboxworld.com wont let you give them any type of feedbacks, they are just there for nothing, they wont develop nothing, they don't do anything to save the brand.

    Azbox Canada, they seems to be the only one working and developing new official firmwares but they are also hidden in the dark, you can't email them, you can't contact them and whatever they says it make you feel like they are the only owners of the true and can't argue them.

  2. You can certainly send us an email at anytime at: info at azbox.ca
    Although we don't publish this email address in order to avoid receiving spam, filling the contact form on our website at http://www.azbox.ca/cfm/azbox/contact.cfm also sends us an email to the same address as above. We also have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/AzboxCanada and Twitter at https://twitter.com/AzBoxCanada

    You may also contact us by posting a message on the official forum for North American AzBox support courtesy of SatelliteGuys.US at http://forum.azbox.ca

    We are glad that you noticed our efforts in improving the quality of AzBox products. AzBox Canada remains committed in supporting the AzBox brand now and in the future.

    Best regards,

    AzBox Canada

  3. Thanks for your reaction. We have an answer from azbox.europe/at/azbox.com and we have asked if it is okay to publish the answer.