Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clone war, final chapter

This will be the last post about the clone war in US and Canada, after this we will give this item no single letter attention anymore.

Below you can read the reaction from AZbox Canada about it on this post.

We believe both tell the truth. Both? Yes both!
In our opinion, both are victims from the old owners in the past 2 years from AZbox.

We hope the new owners of AZbox will solve this problem between these 2 distributors.

From now, we forget the past and we will only watch forward!

I hope that everyone realizes that the statement made by worldwidesatellites that Rick Caylor is the AzBox distributor for North America is a lie. We at AzBox Canada have been working with OpenSat Lda. since 2010 as the sole official distributor of AzBox products in the Canadian market. Rick Caylor is the distributor for USA only and NOT for the entire North American continent!
Although is currently under construction as it is being redesigned, proof of this can still be viewed in archived copies of the website from which is a non-biased source archiving websites around the world. snapshot from August 2011 snapshot from February 2012 snapshot from October 2012

In addition to being a distributor, AzBox Canada is also involved with software development in order to adapt these receivers to the unique requirements of the North American market. Our first involvement in AzBox software development with OpenSat started with the 0.9.5308 firmware version where we were responsible in creating a brand new default satellite list separated by C and Ku-band in order to accommodate the C & Ku dual band systems commonly used here in North America.
We then continued our involvement by creating our own special North American edition firmware such as the 0.9.54xx version series for Elite, Ultra, Premium and Premium Plus and AZtrino North American edition for the AzBox Me. In addition, we released our own version of the newest AzBox model, the AzBox miniMe American Edition which features exclusive firmware and features adapted to the North American market.

Best regards,
PwrSurgeAzBox Canada

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