Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PrismCube XBMC has launched

PrismCube ( Marusys ) has won the race from E2BMC and is the first XMBC settop box. The price is around 429 Euro, seen at the first web-shops ( for example Astrasat NL, Europe ) Edit 13-06: rumours says the receiver is deliverable over 1 month. In Germany this machine is priced 290 Euroseh1.de ) . If someone want to send us a sample, just mail ;P

We quote PrismCube:

PRISMCUBE is truly the world first set top box that integrates both DVB-S2 Twin PVR and Media player seamlessly, using XBMC.
PRISMCUBE is a DVB-S2 twin-tuner set top box with a very compact and slim design. With the solid and cutting-edge technology that MARUSYS has mastered over the last decades in embedded Linux systems, it is designed to be a highly advanced HD Twin PVR. PRISMCUBE is a media player based on XBMC which is free and open source.
XBMC is generally using for media center or entertainment hub with digital media, and is supported by various groups of independent volunteers from all over the world. PRISMCUBE provides the rich entertainment choices and the tremendous experience watching TV moments more joyfully with this versatile platform. 
Image info from VU Plus Community:
The Prismcube firmware is based on Linux Openembedded + Xbmc + Marusys software that integrated itself in Xbmc
The skin is the native Xbmc skin with the addition of all the Pvr windows. So we can tell that is a Xbmc-native-extended-skin
And yes, there will be a Black Hole image for Prismcube
Some movies, background and specs after read more:

Background ( Source ):
Dear friends, you have to understand that prismCUbe will be something new and revolutionary.
Vu+ company started to work to this project more than 2 years ago.
At that time there was not the availability of opengl2 on mipsel platforms and XBMC was impossible to port to mipsel architeture.
For this reason Vu+ have choosen the Arm platform that can ensure good performance in 3d graphics with medium cpu frequency.
This was a good choice for this project because it can ensure the production of a set-top-box capable to manage 3d graphics mantaining a reasonable price using cpu that doesn't require high power, but can work with low power consumption and have not overheating issues.
At that time there was not yet any kind of porting of Xbmc for Arm platforms.
So Vu+ with their engineers have started to work to Xbmc porting.
But XBMC cannot make a set-top-box. After the porting the work have been focused in added dvb and pvr parts.
In other words the main work is that XBMC have been married with all the satellite and dvb managment parts needed to have a final stb product. All that parts that in mipsel boxes are managed by enigma2.
But there is not enigma2 inside PrismCube. Vu+ developed all this work in original way.
The result is a new stb where satellite dvb and pvr parts are married with XBMC that is the high level end user interface for all the system.
We can think to all this like a kind of XBMC extended system that integrate inside itself the stb managment too.
Because we are no more in enigma1 and no more in enigma2 but in a totally new low level and user interface stb integrated parts you have to be a little bit patient.
But please remeber that this is all new and we will need time to study and start to make test and experiments before to have something for it.
We can promise from now that this board, this community and all Bh team will support in all the way the PrismCube box and will study it and will learn with you this wonderful new way.

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  1. Looks fantastic!

    I'm eager to have one of this here in South America. :D