Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sifteam Koala releases for AZbox ME /Elite / Ultra / Pr / Pr+

Already 3 days old, but Sifteam released a new Koala Enigma2 for AZbox ME/Elite / Ultra / Pr/ Pr+

Changelog 24/06/2012:

- Sifteam cloud system (You can connect your sifteam forum account on your stb, in the future release you can backup your image,share channels settings etc etc in your personal account storage)

 - Graphic skin by daconi.

 - SifTeam Panel Menu

 - Software Manager.Added possibility to rank your favourite plugin, you can consult top rated,most downloaded plugin etc etc

 - Bouquets and Channels Menu. Now you can download your favourite channel list settings.

 - Exclusive possibility to use Original Sky Ita channel list numeration starting from number 100 like skybox stb

 - OpenWebIf

 - System to detect and install Usb devices

 - Mount Disk manager

 - Temporary-Static Mount.

 - Airplay Server

 - Fixed many bugs

Download "old" Azbox: Download

Download ME : Download


  1. Which kernel is this image for?

  2. The "old" one.