Monday, June 25, 2012

First signs of life new kernel for AZbox "old generation"

In this blogpost we made aware that MickySA had got the new kernel running on the old azbox. We were a little bit sceptic but on Myazbox you can find a screenshot wich proves they are still working on it.

Also there is a note that if "as soon as kernel 3.3.1 is ready for the "old" Azboxen development for all Azboxen be pushed back together".

That's good news! Now we can only hope that the new drivers will soon be better than the old one(s).  Please let us enjoy our boxes!


  1. Hi,

    Like your blog. Great initiative.

    In the article about Kernel 3.3.1 You mention that MickeySA had the old kernel running on the first generation AZBox HD receiver.

    I assume you ment the new kernel ;o)

    Keep up the good work.


  2. BTW; help is always welcome Lange ;-)

  3. Something for the bravissimo twin?

  4. The Bravissimo is unknown for us ( it's from AZ America? ). Maybe here: