Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blindscan on AZbox ME

RTi released a system plugin for their software (Open AZbox MOD) :

Satscan (Blindscan) for Me and MiniMe. 
To activate it please download directly from Plugins in Open AZBox MOD (Me, MiniMe) by this way:
menu --> plugins --> download plugins (green button) --> systemplugins --> satscan (v1) - BlindScan for AZBox Receivers
After download is done, please download file attached to this post (lib.rar), and transfer driver avl2108.ko to /lib/modules/3.3.1-opensat/extra/
After that reboot receiver, and You are ready to use Satscan (Blindscan) on Me and MiniMe.
Soon it will be available on GIT too. 
We send pull request to e2openplugins with changes for Satscan, as they maintain it.

 Download the lib.rar here ( registred users only ).

Also for AZtrino NA is good news coming about blindscan. pwrsurge wrote:

In the next release, we will fix this so that blind scan can work on all system types as configured in Antenna setup, including non-standard LNBF's such as 10700 but for now, please pay attention to the start frequency parameter as it does have an impact on how the blindscan is being performed.

In AZtrino NA 1.82 Blinscan is already available but you have to watch closely to these settings.

Thanks Tsakman

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  1. And if you want to see how Azbox ME/miniME handles low and high frequencies check these images.The Aztrino image is from me and the other is from dvlajkovic(

    With Azbox ME and miniME can also lock this
    11W 11686H DVB-S2 8PSK 1090 3/4