Monday, May 27, 2013

OpenRSi solves MC issues

OpenRSi had some problems with MediaCenter since May.

They have rebuild MediaCenter and gave it a small makeover.

Quote from sattommy:
Yes executable is based on the one used in AZPlay now..which was based again on the ones we used in MC.

However some enigma2 stuff changed over the passed 2 my executable stopped working. Instead of re-coding the whole executable we are using the one from Azplay now, because we hope it stays maintained.

For now, MediaCenter is included in the AZBox Me and miniMe images.
AZBox HD should follow shortly.

Here are some screenshots.


  1. And creates a new one! Greek subs encoding does not work...

    1. instal this ipk and Greek subs work fine

    2. No luck, my friend... Have you tested it?