Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fundraising makes things possible which Opensat let go

Two weeks ago we wrote about the Fundraising:

After, in vain, trying to get in contact with DT innovation, German AZBox users have launched the idea to raise money to purchase AZBox receivers.
These receivers will then be handed out to developers, hoping they will and can make firmware and plug-ins for the 1st and 2nd generation AZBox receivers.
If it is really going to be fundraising is still unclear, but the idea is discussed on

Now there  are some results!

We quote Colla, the initiator of the fundraising:

These pictures which I have made ​​with my Azbox Premium
show the Opera browser on the Azbox
Is suitable not only for surfing;-)
The Opera browser for almost all Enigma2 receivers technical foundation for the HBBTV Plugin
In other words,
We are working on porting the plugin to HBBTV Azboxen

You can still support : Fundraising 

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