Sunday, April 07, 2013

OpenSpa 2.01 beta for AZbox (Based on OpenPLi 3.0)


- New drivers dated 15/03/2013
- New Spanish translation with many texts corrected
- New version of TVweb with modifications and changes to the modules
- Fixed bug internal wifi premium / premium +
- Fixed restart gui in downloading epg
- Fixed problem with selection of channel and blue key.
- Fixed the recording standby
- Repaired Symlinks
- Added icon pending downloads in infobar (Appears if new downloads)
- Added new USB devices spzusbdevices TDT
- Other small fixes


AZbox HD: Download OpenSPA 2.01 AZBox HD
AZbox ME (Webif): Download OpenSPA 2.01 AZBox Me
AZbox MiniME (Webif): Download OpenSPA AZBox minime 2.01

AZUp 2.2.7: Download Installer 2.2.7 AZUp

NOTE: For AZBox firmware HD should use the latest version of AZUp.

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