Saturday, November 03, 2012

First Look: AzBox miniMe American edition

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Our friends at AzBox Canada have just provided us with an initial review of their newest receiver, the AzBox miniMe American edition.

The AzBox miniMe is the newest model of this popular HD satellite receiver brand from Portugal based Opensat.

The American edition of the AzBox miniMe from AzBox Canada is customized and tested for the North American market. The following is a first look of this small but powerful HD FTA satellite receiver.

No word about Android. Read more on :


  1. Interesting that AZbox Canada abandoned Android for the ME 8 months after they specified a launch date. Then they told us they would concentrate Android for the MiniME and it looks like it will come out with AZTRINO.

    For one I would stick to the ME being that they are still available in North America readily. Secondly since the OpenRSI team has the best firmware out for it and getting better everyday with the latest kernel.

  2. We did not abandon our Android project for the Me but rather, it was put on hold once we unexpectedly learned this past summer that the AzBox Me is no longer in production. We will resume work on this project once production for the Me resumes and units become available from Opensat for authorized distributors such as ourselves. However in the meantime, we are working on getting Android to work on the American edition of the miniMe but this will be challenging as there is only half the available RAM to work with on the miniMe vs the Me.

    Software development costs time and money so the last thing we want to do is not being able to recover our investment by selling the AzBox Me with Android pre-installed due to the fact that the hardware is no longer being manufactured.

    Although some dealers still have some AzBox Me stock at this time, they will run out one by one as the units are currently not being produced by Opensat and only the miniMe is being manufactured at this time.

    Unlike the Me, we have totally revamped and customized the operating system for the miniMe American edition from scratch instead of modifying AzTrino and we are using the newest 3.5.5 kernel. Our firmware is the only one with working blind scan for c-band and ku-band standard LNBF's, manual PID entry and being able to activate only the receivable satellites in your system to reduce clutter. We will also be adding more exclusive features with future updates delivered online straight from the operating system's GUI.

    Best Regards,

    AzBox Canada