Sunday, November 18, 2012

Persian Prince got major problems

News from Persian Prince images team (known of the Persian Prince images for AZbox and more) :
Very bad news.  
RC3 won't be released till further notice (maybe never) in previous week we lost our Compiler because of unknown reasons (maybe electric shock or something else).

It's gonna cost more than 5000$ for us to buy another one and sorry we can't afford that kind of money in our country (Iran) because of bad economical circumstances.
Our android 4 app (Persian Grandeur) is ready for release but it's not gonna work with previous versions like RC2 so you can't use it.

As we don't have any sponsor you can consider this project as closed for now.
We're looking for sponsors (any kind) and donations but not 10$ donations from users.

 Signed Persian Prince 

 Contact us :
 Skype : persianpros

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