Monday, October 22, 2012

OpenAZBox PLi MOD Me and MiniMe Prerelease 7 (Latest prerelease version)

Still not the normal update procedure ( web based ) but with zbimage-linux-xload and image0.jffs2 stuff. 
I'm not gonna test it but for the people who want: here it is. Questions abot the image: here.
OpenAZBox PLi MOD Me and MiniMe image is fully based on OpenPLi 2.1 Enigma 2

Kernel: Linux azboxme 3.5.5
Enigma 2: 22. october 2012
Drivers: 22. october 2012

What is new:

1. All AZBox receivers are now running on Linux kernel 3.5.5 , Me, MiniMe, Premium, Elite, Premium+ and Ultra HD.

2. Blindscan support for all models including AZBox Me, MiniMe (AVL2108 & AVL6211), Premium+ and Ultra.

3. AZPlay is official media player, and now is a part of Open AZBox MOD Image for Me, MiniMe, Elite, Premium, Premium+, Ultra HD.

4. Enhanced Card Reader functionality, especially on AZBox MiniMe (For MiniMe you can now manage clock frequency of card reader directly from RTi Sys which is part of Open AZBox MOD Image).

In first Release will be included:

- USB DVB-T Support
(Drivers and support for USB DVB-T Tuners are already on Menu->Plugins->Download). All DVB USB Tuners are visible under Enigma 2. So if You have supported USB DVB Tuner you can install support for it, and Your tuner will be visible under Menu->Information->About. For now just is left that we connect all with main driver, this will come in max. 10 days. 

- 3G Modem support with control directly from kernel space. This reflect better stability and as result more 3G modems is supported.


ME        : Download

MiniME : Download


  1. I'm not gonna test it ......... WHY ?

    any sugestion for your statement ?

  2. I'm first want 2 see wich errors there are ( on )

    There are not many bugfree releases since 2010. In this release for example dts is broken again ( i love dts on my receiver ;) ). So i'll wait again and still hoping for drivers wich works ( come on Opensat! ).