Monday, October 22, 2012

OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD ( "Old AZbox" ) Prerelease 8 (Latest prerelease version)

OpenAZBox PLi MOD HD image is fully based on OpenPLi 2.1 Enigma 2

Kernel: Linux  3.5.5
Enigma 2: 22. october 2012
Drivers: 22. october 2012

What is new:

1. All AZBox receivers are now running on Linux kernel 3.5.5 , Me, MiniMe, Premium, Elite, Premium+ and Ultra HD.

2. Blindscan support for all models including AZBox Me, MiniMe (AVL2108 & AVL6211), Premium+ and Ultra.

3. AZPlay is official media player, and now is a part of Open AZBox MOD Image for Me, MiniMe, Elite, Premium, Premium+, Ultra HD.

4. Enhanced Card Reader functionality, especially on AZBox MiniMe (For MiniMe you can now manage clock frequency of card reader directly from RTi Sys which is part of Open AZBox MOD Image).

In first Release will be included:

- USB DVB-T Support
 - 3G Modem support with control directly from kernel space. This reflect better stability and as result more 3G modems is supported. 

To install this image please use AZUp 2.2.7, download link is located below. 

Download: Image 

Download: AZUp 2.2.7



  1. sorry, is this version an update of version september 6?

  2. It's the latest version, number 8 ( gonna fix it )

  3. how about blind scan for the DVB-T tuners???

  4. Sorry, but the file from download is called "prerelease 7".

  5. You are right. On OpenAZ they point to this file. Maybe they counted wrong?

  6. need to fix wifi not connecting wireless remote control toward the others all ok

  7. Please. I need your help. Downloaded AZUp but windows says it is missing a mcocx file or something. You can check if it's working normal or is damn win10? Although I tested on xp and said the same thing.