Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Kernel 3.9.2 is coming

There a still some devs working for us, the AZbox owners. 

According to the ripper (azbox legend) kernel 3.9.2 is coming :

-fix pixelization on high bandwith h264 streams >10Mbps
-fix driver crashing when exiting pvr mode on EOF signal.
-fix decoding one h264 feed (hiccup video) (some feeds he is watching was making problem)
-removed locking from vtuner write kernel function, not needed anymore

When the kernel is getting released is unknown. But we think it will be a great moment for releasing with the kernel a statement from the new owners and the mysterious developers of the kernels wich aren't open source and nowhere to find. 

They owe it to the people who bought and own an azbox.  


  1. it's sad, but don't worth support azbox anymore.

    it's simple, no one really cares about users:
    developers are joking with us with a release worse than another, removing important features that breaks all other media plugins (gstreammer), not fixing very known and old bugs (having to use a usb hub in hd models is a reaally good joke they made on us).

    bug testers simply don't test it (i can't believe anyone have tested any of the earlier versions), i think they ask for being a beta tester just to get a pink color in his nickname.

    the communication is null or very inneficient, they are arrogant, they don't want you to report any bug, all they want you to do is lick their balls telling that all they they do is marvelous. i think these guys had some problem when they were kids, i don't know, maybe an uncle or a priest have molested they and they need to fake that world where they are the best.

    i gave up on azbox some time ago, now i'm looking for these cheap android boxes using xbmc. there's a guy here in the netherland (you know who.. that is doing a really good job, and i think this guy and the community he developed really deserves respect.

  2. I love XBMC ;) At this time i can recommend Gigablue, no xbmc but a great receiver.

    The most arrogant of the AZbox story is indeed no communication. Also something to think about: only the owner has the sources of the kernel. So, who do you think is developing the kernels ( or who gives the command and sources ). There is just one possibility i think. And now we gonna ask some sensitive questions about the releases and the AZbox on the board who publish the releases. Standard answer "O no, we are not Opensat, we really don't know" ;P

  3. Ps. I've got no proof of the statement above but seen and heard enough to make my own opinion about the AZbox story ;)

  4. i totally agree with you. i think only children will believe in the story they all try to tell us.. ;)
    let's them live in the little bubble they created and let's move forward.

    i'm really excited about e2bmc. can't wait having one box with it working!! =)