Saturday, March 16, 2013

OpenAZBox PLi MOD (Mini)Me Release - 7 -

Please keep in mind that YOU MUST FLASH NEW KERNEL WITH NEW IMAGE! This image must be fully flashed, and is not possible to make online update from Release 6, only full and clean flash of Release 7!

Drivers of 15. March 2013
Enigma 2 of 15. March 2013

Kernel 3.3.1 of 15. March 2013

What's new:

 - New rebuilt Kernel + Initramfs (You must flash image0.jffs2 + kernel!!!)
 - Fixed Fast Forward FFWD in Enigma 2 Media Player
 - Fixed Strange behaviour of RCU (added better protection for non mapped keys, let's see if user will again have some non valid message from MICOM)
 - Fixed Tune Failed on DVB-T USB Sticks (We Need test for Sundtek)

Download ME : ME

Download MiniME : MiniME

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