Thursday, May 31, 2012

OpenAZbox (kernel 3.3.1) released by Persian Prince

Also developer Persian Prince started coding for AZbox based on OpenAZbox and Open Pli. We really haven't time for testing all releases, so we also didn't test this image.

Persian Prince is developer on the RTi forum, so we can say the source can be trusted.

Release notes:

Open AZBox (Open PLi Based)

30 May 2012 (kernel 3.3.1) released by Persian Prince based on latest Open PLi & Open AZBox sources 

Open PLi sources : here

Open AZBox sources : here.

Official Website :

 Me Version : download.

 mini Me Version : download.

For Elite,Ultra,Premium,Premium+ coming soon


  1. Sifteam Koala Azbox ME & MiniME


    -kernel 3.3.1
    -new driver
    -based openazbox

    Azbox ME

    Azbox miniME

  2. the Persian Prince azbox me can not download, message "This file is either removed", could anyone to upload again, thks